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Canes Velocity Program Registration is now Open

  • Individually Tailored Program Completely personalized
  • Testing throughout program, to show improvements and to adapt the program to the new gains
  • Year long program: out of season, pre-season, HS season, Summer/Fall Season
  • Program used by 15 first and second round picks last 3 years
  • Over a thousand users have received Division I scholarships
  • Focus is creating total health of the shoulder, which is strength, stability, and flexibility.
  • Recovery program included
  • Program great for Cold weather, program requires very little space to improve.
  • All can be done from where you live
  • 2 MLB All-Stars
  • Throwing program, Velocity is recorded for all positions not just pitchers

You are not required to play for a Canes team in order to take advantage of this program.

“As the Owner of Canes Baseball I have seen Jamie Evans Velocity program help more players than I can count gain velocity, and develop shoulder strength. I believe in this program so much that we want to try to get as many players as possible out there utilizing this program! The more players out there with healthy shoulders the better for our sport as a whole.”

Jeff Petty – Canes Owner, and Head Coach of Canes National


Complete the form below if you are interested and you will be contacted with details on the program.

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